Our occupational therapists can help you regain your day-to-day functioning.

We provide Medicare-accredited occupational therapy to help you remain independent at home as we develop and improve the required for daily living and working. To give you all-around support, we can also teach you how to use appropriate adaptive equipment or tools, such as leg braces, eating aids, wheelchairs, and more.

The following are the duties of our occupational therapists:

  • Assess the patient’s needs and condition.
  • Ask relevant questions.
  • Review medical history.
  • Establish a treatment plan.
  • Prepare activities and goals to be accomplished.
  • Evaluate the patients’ environment.
  • Suggest potential improvement.
  • Demonstrate exercises to relieve pain and chronic conditions.
  • Provide patient and family education.
  • Recommend special equipment.
  • Provide gait training and strength enhancement.
  • Restore balance.
  • And more

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