Our speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat individuals with vocal problems, cognitive communication impairments, and stutters.

Your swallowing or speech problems may be affected by a physical impairment, emotional issues, and learning disabilities. To provide a solution, we offer Medicare-accredited speech therapy. Our speech therapists customize examinations and establish a care plan to assess the patient’s progress. They also help patients who have been in a traumatic experience re-learn proper swallowing techniques.

Here are the services our speech therapists offer:

  • Communicate with patients.
  • Evaluate the patient’s level of language or speech difficulty.
  • Provide basic reading and vocalizing activities.
  • Provide oral and swallowing therapy.
  • Provide auditory habilitation and rehabilitation.
  • Create and carry out the treatment plan.
  • Identify treatment options.
  • Teach patients how to improve their voice and make sounds.
  • Teach communication methods, such as sign language, with little to no speech ability.
  • Counsel the patient to cope with communication disorders.
  • And more

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